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Douglas White and dog from NeaNora Books

Doug is a software developer by day, writer by night and geek pretty much all of the time. He’s been writing for family and friends since he was a young boy and in the last few years has self-published four middle-age science fiction novels and contributed to a book of fantasy short stories.

His first book, The Habitué, is a stand alone story about a young boy and his friends working with an outside group to prevent another group from taking over the kids in town. His second book, Birds of a Feather, centers around a group of ten kids in an apartment complex who wake up one morning to find all the adults have disappeared. While trying to solve that mystery, they caught up in an other worldly adventure. Magenta Sky brings those kids back together when they are attacked by a shadowy figure bent on revenge and Devil’s Realm culminates in a final confrontation with their antagonist.

Doug is currently considering a time travel story involving rocks, which is probably as weird as it sounds.

Selection of NeaNora Books titles

SiouxperConline Special

Each book is $10 – if you buy 3 it’s 25 and all four are $35.