Rachel Pizzolato

Rachel Pizzolato One of the core foundations of SiouxperCon is Education, we strive to bring in guests who will not only entertain but educate you. This next guest will do both for sure. 

Rachel Pizzolato is a multitalented, award-winning scientist and Patent-Pending inventor, published writer and poet, published fashion and runway model, National Champion Trampolinist, public speaker, cosplayer, and activist. She is also an actor starring in Discovery Science Channel’s MythBusters Jr.

Her inventions have garnered success at the Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair where she won the Grand Award in 2016, 2017, 2018. She has competed in many National and International Competitions such as Broadcom MASTERS (2016, 2017, and 2018), Coolest Projects (2019 and 2020) and ISEF (2019 and 2020). She recently received the 2020 Tulane Brain Institute Award, 2020 Bruce J. Heim Foundation Scholarship, 2020 Albert F.W. Habeeb M.D. Scholarship, 2020 American Welding Society Award, 2020 Aspiring Researcher Scholarship – Presented by The Emmy Noether Awards, and the 2020 ASM Materials Education Foundation Award. In 2016, she was awarded, from MIT, a minor planet named after her – Appropriately named (Pizzolato 33187).  Recently, she won 2018 Akron’s Global Polymer Academy’s National Award in Science and Engineering. Also, her scientific writing has garnered awards from NASA, and in 2018, she won the AIAA National NASA essay competition for her article published in Aerospace America (September 2018) entitled, “Astronauts – The Right Stuff Indeed!” 

We are so excited that Rachel is going to bring her talent, energy and intelligence to SiouxperCONLINE. Be sure to submit the questions you would like Rachel to answer during her panel. 

You can find Rachel at : https://beautyandbrainswithatwist.com/