Brian Babendererde

Brian BabendererdeSiouxperCon is pleased to announce that the multi talented Brian Babenderede will be joining us for SiouxperCONLINE!

Brian “BMAN” Babendererde is a graphic novelist, illustrator, and video game designer. He writes and draws the comic series Soul Chaser Betty, which combines fantasy, horror, and action with a healthy dose of 1980’s nostalgia. His upcoming comic, Salvage Hounds, is a rough and tumble sci-fi story about outlaws of the future making their way on the frontier fringes of the solar system. 

Brian’s series of fantasy illustrations and pinups focus on fierce warrior women, savage tales of sword and sorcery, fallen angels, dragons, and other creatures from a mythical, bygone era, all depicted in classic, painterly strokes mixed with pulp, comic-styled line work. 

A veteran of the video game industry, Brian has also written and designed classic games such as Beavis and Butt-head in Virtual Stupidity, PSI-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy, and SepterraCore: Legacy of the Creator.

You can see his work and purchase comics, prints, and art books at

Brian will be running a 10% off coupon with code SIOUX2020 at his store during the convention October 3 and 4. You can find Brian online at: