cosplayer as MaleificentEven though we can’t meet in person this year, that’s no reason to stop the Cosplay contest! Participate in our online Cosplay Contest on Siouxperconline! View the contest rules and application form on our main Siouxpercon website. Deadline for entries is September 26, 2020.

Our Best in Show prize is $200!

We’ll feature a virtual Cosplay Contest on October 3rd and a special panel on October 4th with the Best in Show winner!

Our Guest Cosplay Judges

Patriot Props AKA Kalder Ness has been cosplaying for 5 years and loves bringing his favorite characters to life whether having to build foam armor and weapons or just hobble together a few accessories he’s passionate about the creative parts of building the cosplay and the theatrical parts of being in character at the con floor.

Thomas Hanna

Thomas Hanna is a teacher by day, prop maker by night. From a very young age he enjoyed art and likes to share his love of creating stuff. Making props out of almost anything: EVA foam, cardboard, random junk, mold-able plastic, etc. He enjoys sharing in depth guides on how to make, paint and finish his various works of art on his YouTube channel “Much Props”. Thomas puts out at least one to two how to videos once a week. The temples he makes are free to download so anyone can follow along.